YES Snowboards

The Great Dudes of History - Snowboard series 2010. “The design process just started as people that i really wanted to see on snowboards, people that had to stand up and say YES. Yes we can, revolutionaries. Be a great dude of history. Stand up and make a change for the better.” - Christopher Prosser ( excerpt from the YES catalog )

Ranked #36 best board design of all time - Complex Magazine

& The Great Beauties of History snowboard series 2011. Sophia, Marilyn, Bridget, Audery, Elizibeth & Iman, ome of the most beautiful & iconic women to walk this earth. All the beauty have had very different experiences & unique career paths, but with all the differences that all have come to the for front of the modern world, providing the unique, human ability, to appreciate beauty. With this series we wanted to explore the uniqueness, but at the same time the similarities, between the things we all have in common.

One world, One people, one love. - CPDC2010

"…As if snowboarding weren’t pleasure enough, JP Solberg’s pro model, The Great Beauties of History, is probably the most aesthetically pleasing board ever created. With Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn and a few other choice ladies looking up at you all day, how could you not let your mind wander?…" -SNOWBOARD MAGAZINE